Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

With the Bike on the Donau

Just go, until you can’t feel your feet anymore, because that is when you actually start feeling them. Just go, until your face gets scratched by the wind blowing merciless and blushing red from the sweet, adored sun.

What you’ll need? Other then a pair of trousers, the water bottle, your camera, the notebook and a pen will be more than enough.

on your right. History in every with wide-open windows covered mansion, stone paved streets, ice cream parlors screaming with customers and spreading a soft sweet smell of melting refreshments on a hot spring day. Entering the city also means abandoning it’s gates.

Now getting used to once more with the shock provoked by the beauty of turquoise dancing waves on your left. Once in a while, enormous cargo ships

Company? The singing of the bird and the mumbling in one’s own thoughts. No particular route, but shortly you’ll see Korneuburg

leave you behind in their rushed travelling. But you don’t stop. You go, so far, that the glowing tower of Klosterneuburg’s monastery becomes one with the sky and Leopoldberg gets lost between the clouds.

And then you see it. The medieval castle, resting royal on the hill. Greifenstein, they call it. You try to get close to it, but it seems to be a dimension away, a bridge of magic between them worlds. Enter woods. Life surrounds you.

And ah, then you see it. The Getaway. The Other Side. The Way Out. It is spreading It’s Own Light. An Aura. The dirt road splits the trees in two, the tight opening always nearer and wider. You reach it.  Endless sparkling water down castle  up.  

  Youth and Wisdom. Pets.
Laughter and Tears.


Emotion . Running . Screams . Holding of Hands. 

A by a natural organism hidden and protected gem close to the exuberance of a capital. 

Once you get stuffed with Spinach Pancakes from Gasthaus Brauner Bär you are convinced. You never want to leave this place again. Altenberg proves you how wrong you’ve actually been. Because it is getting better and better, sunnier and sunnier, brighter than anything one could imagine only by reading some simple word on a digital universe. Stop what you are doing right now.

Detach right now. Pointless to ask, when was the last time you’ve just closed the door of an interior space and went out in the Great Unknown WITHOUT any purpose. Scared of being and acting meaningless, of wasting time, when actually missing shadows of the meaning lying right in front of the by „intellect“ blinded sight. So, just go. Just leave right now. Why stay in one place?How to stay?! There is so much outside, not waiting for you; but you are waiting for it, unconsciously. At some point you’ll need it and you won’t be able to realise what you are missing, because you are nostalgic for something you never had, always have longed for although

Decided to leave you, dear visitor, with one last concrete sunset mirroring, who,, hopefully, will be a more convincing argument to…go, visual representations always influencing stronger than like birds on the horizon dissipating words.