Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024


The monumental Beauty of the Nature remains intact.

The suffer was and is horrible, but complaining about own need to replan, about the difficult impact it had on personal situation is absurd, ignorant. Adapting becomes only solution, a peaceful set of mind is required, together with patience and…

Christmas at Home

This the season to let yourself inspired, to admire and dive in own creativity, to set the ideas free and to give the spontaneity a voice. Therefore this blog tends to offer a guidance, more of a first impulse, feeding the…

The Capital of Christmas Markets

From one Christmas Market to another, the nights in Vienna know no darkness, for every shape gains new proportions under the shine of Christmas lights. Historical buildings decorated for the celebrating time, an abundance of details, although not to much, always pleasant for…

Autumnal Vienna and the City by Night

Fall really knows how to make it’s entrance, but one can rarely meet such a beautiful seasonal spectacle, as it is to be found on the streets of the Austrian Capital. 

prea scurta trecere prin Buzad

acasă este cu siguranță un loc…

Summer Harvest Summer Heat

„I sometimes think that one square yard of our acre, looked at closely enough in all seasons and interpreted with all that science and poetry and art could bring to bear, would support a lifetime of discovery.“

Tulln-the city of flowers

from one garden to another, an infinite number of colours and aromas, under the rays of a May sun, on the beats of the orchestra of the winged ones 

„home is where your garden is“

when pictures count more than words do.

Miraj în culori spasmodice

Primăvară, unde ești?

o de Teodoreanu narată odisee prin vieneza timpurie primăvară

Neîmblânzitul cadru al malului Dunărean, adăpostitor de o faună mistică, se lasă-ncurajat de primele raze ale unui martie tânăr.