Tue. May 28th, 2024

Back in Time in Athena and on the Island of Crete

Follow me on a trip on the biggest island of Greece, the natural beauty first mentioned in Homer’s , the home of the Minoan civilisation, dating back to 2700 BC and to uncountable Empires and rulers, from Romans to Byzantines, Andalusian Arabs, Venetian and Ottomans. With mountains reaching almost 2500 m, the scenery proves it’s unicity, showing snowy peaks in winter and deep red grounds, with perfumed pine forests, lakes in the heart of natural parks, located at the centre of the island, mystic caves (one of them being the birthplace of Zeus), cats and tortoises as inhabitants, enormous beaches and pure water spotted from everywhere, Creta contains some of the most ancient, remarkable historical discoveries, being therefore filled with legends and functioning as a nourisher of culture. While cities like Chania, Rethymno and Sisi welcomely attract through picturesque, Mediterranean, humanly charm, the of the island is more wild, exotic, with woods on rocky hills and complex fauna.  

Continue the journey here: Back in Time in Athena and on the Island of Crete

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