Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

The Capital of Christmas Markets



From one Christmas Market to another, the nights in Vienna know no darkness, for every shape gains new proportions under the shine of Christmas lights. Historical buildings decorated for the celebrating time, an abundance of details, although not to much, always pleasant for the eye, enabling the setting of the right mood in every observer’s eye. 


The uniqueness of hand-made, artsy goods find their homes on Spittelberg, three streets, where unique shops are located during the whole year and where the winter, cold period is warmed up by pittorescque wooden houses, shelters for smiling faces and their never seen before art products. 



In a similar, though strongly singular way, one can find the creations of Viennese artists in front of the majestic Karlskirche. The market empathises the binding and love between people, placing the role of the family above every other virtue, the capitalist factor of the holidays finding no circulation in Karlsplatz. Children are constantly entertained, being able to appreciate the goats, playing in the field and dancing on the movement of the vintage carousel. 

The hotspot for students: placed in the campus, the garden of the old hospital, what can be better than enjoying a warm Glühwein after lecture, a fresh pancake made by the masters from Vollpension? Of course, all in the atmosphere created by the fire from Ambulanz.


Moreover, Prater, the Viennese amusement park, welcomes its guests with a Christmas market, the big wheel being decorated in fantastical colours, contrasting the psychedelic roundabout.

  “Step aboard and we will fly through the window, through the sky”

Brian Wildsmith



Moving from one market to another, passing through Burgring, Hofburg and Dorotheum, everywhere the gaze wanders, amazement is increased by a story-like ambient. 


Considered by visitors the most extravagant Christmas Market, the one in front of Rathaus really knows how to make its mark present. With labyrinthian, enormous ice rink, sweet waffles, boiling wine and roasted almonds, Rathaus is constantly filled with tourists, personally speaking, losing its magical spirit and falling in the hands of consumerism…This does not contest its importance in the list of markets, seeing it remaining one of the biggest musts!


Now two for the delicacy lovers (aren’t we all?). Not so easy to be found, the Altwiener Christkindlmarkt and the market from Am Hof not only promise degustations and gourmet experiences, with traditional meals and unique cheese products; most of the Glühwein selling stands have charitable purposes, donating the collected money.


The royal markets are still part of the viennese culture, Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palace finding place in their complex, colourful gardens during the warm weather, making up for the dead season by bringing light in to the souls of the people through melted cheese on bread and through cinnamon punch. 



In need of a rest, after a rush through the amalgam of markets? Simply Raw Bakery is just the place to escape contemporary reality and isolate oneself in a vintage little bakery, stylistic decorated for the holidays. Besides, this could be a great opportunity to dose the body with some organic, carefully prepared meal or juice, in case the aching bones are in need of a warm latte from old the viennese wind and the stomach, satisfied for the moment, starts to argue now with all the irresistible sweets founded at every corner of the street.

„One day, I’ll disappear and hide in a corner of Britain. I’ll own a bakery in a village, live above it, have a big garden because I like mowing. I want to get up when I feel like it, let people queue for my products, and when they’re gone, shut the shop and think about tomorrow. Creating magic – that’s my dream. And I’ll do it.“- Paul Hollywood



and the list just goes on and on, for every Bezirk, every historical village, now part of the in expansion founded capital has its own traditional  Christmas market, a local shelter, a cheerful place for gatherings on cold, winter nights… Enjoy your exploring days!