Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Christmas at Home

This the season to let yourself inspired, to admire and dive in own creativity, to set the ideas free and to give the spontaneity a voice. Therefore this blog tends to offer a guidance, more of a first impulse, feeding the love for craft hidden in each one of us and when could the time be more proper, than on holidays?! 

Some may find joy in gathering around the fire (and around stuffed tables, of course, no shame in it), in spending some quality time with the loved ones, in giving and receiving gifts, in shopping sprees, in listening to Christmas songs, but if you are a fanatic like me and you begin the preparation weeks before Christmas, decorating and redesigning every corner of your shelter, than this post is aiming directly at your soul. 

But who claims, one cannot mix all those above mentioned elements into one? The fun is increased, when more get involved in finding the perfect misc, in deciding which colours to use, in decorating the tree as a family, with orchestral, spiritual music in the background, with cookies and hot chocolate waiting for the required breaks. 


Have fun producing unique decors and hopefully my pictures will function as an inspiration to forget about the everyday duties and to become an imaginative, freed from boundaries and rules chid.

Wish you Merry Holidays and May The Next Year Bring You The Joy You Deserve!